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It's all Pollocks!

Inspired by Abstract Expressionism - or just splashing about? You decide...

I once went to a college to talk to them about a ceramics course and was told in no uncertain terms that my 2-D supporting work (i.e. drawings) was not up to snuff! In fact, I'd probably have to do a drawing module before I even started on the playing with clay part. Well, bugger that for a game of soldiers. I walked out without doing the required English and maths test (!) and decided that day to build my own studio at home and make things without having 20 technical drawings in various sizes and from all angles to support my ideas. Still, as a lover of art, particularly the impressionist and Abstract Expressionism, I do draw (get it!) lots of inspiration from artists such as Pollock and Rothco, Monet and Cézanne. Of course, much of what I do in terms of decoration is because I can't draw for toffee! Still, I rather enjoy the splashing around to create exactly the right combination of colours and shapes.

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